Aunt Anna and Our Lady of Fatima

Let me answer this riddle for you right away – Aunt Anna is 101 years young, and Our Lady of Fatima appeared to the little children in Portugal 100 years ago. 100 – that’s a lot of years. 100 1. The number of pennies we glued to a poster board for my daughter to illustrate […]


I struggle with developing the discipline of prayer. This Lent, I have tried some new techniques. On this episode of “The 20,” download 20 Ways to Develop the Discipline of Prayer During Lent. As St. Zelie would teach us – prayer is the rhythm of the day. Perhaps some of these ideas could assist you […]

Prayer Life of a Working Catholic Momma

Prayer is tricky. OK, prayer is not tricky…finding time to pray is tricky. OK, finding time to pray is not tricky…making time to pray – that’s on me. Why, even in Lent, do I find it difficult to develop a discipline of prayer? I want to be the biggest pray-er. I want to visit with […]

Angelic Sweetness: A Virtue in the Work Place

Lent is DEFINITELY upon us, and the desert sands are burning a hole in my foot! Sometimes that desert for me is the workplace. With so much competition, pressure to succeed, and different personalities in the workplace, the virtue of angelic sweetness is a difficult one to practice. However, Lent is giving me many opportunities […]

The 20: 20 Things to Be Grateful for During Lent

The Working Catholic Mom is beginning a new feature called, “The 20.” Each week, I will be posting a downloadable list of 20 things that are helpful for our faith journey. My prayer is that these downloads are helpful to you as a working Catholic mom. This week, I focus on 20 Things to be […]

Quick Meatless Recipes for Lent

As Catholics, our abstinence from meat on Fridays during Lent connects us to the sacrificial nature of Christianity.  Jesus died on a Friday, and our abstinence from meat on Fridays helps us to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and encourages the spiritual discipline of uniting to the Cross of Christ.   There are other […]

Blessed Mother: Our Virtuous Role Model for Lent

She looked at me and said, “Tell me more about the Virgin Mary?  What is she all about?  Why is she so important?”   I was no stranger to this question.  People who know me know the love and devotion I have for the Blessed Mother.  Some people understand the deep sentiments I have; others […]


Are you like me this week?? Completely excited about the visit of Papa!  Yet, without the resources to attend anything in Philly, DC or NY? Me, too. I could sulk about this while I pray for his intentions.  But, I’m not going to do that! In great spiritual anticipation of the Pope’s arrival, I decided […]

On Fleek… What I am Learning from the Kids

I have to admit, the language of teenagers is a paradigm defying all paradigms. I am almost certain my parents thought the same thing when we were growing up. Words like, “Awesome! Narly! Gag me with a spoon!” were not the popular vernacular of their day. Recently, I was introduced to the words, “on fleek” […]

Virtuous School Children: Is it Possible?

Here we are again. The beginning of the school year – just a couple days away from more chaos and HOMEWORK! Oh, the HOMEWORK! This year, I am determined to stay on top of it all. I bought several tools to help me: an Erin Condren Life Planner, the Whole Enchilada organizing system from Catholic […]

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