First Prize Drawing

Are you like me this week?? Completely excited about the visit of Papa!  Yet, without the resources to attend anything in Philly, DC or NY? Me, too. I could sulk about this while I pray for his intentions.  But, I’m not going to do that! In great spiritual anticipation of the Pope’s arrival, I decided […]

On Fleek… What I am Learning from the Kids

Jesus Praying statue at the Shrine of Blessed Father Francis Xavier Seelos in New Orleans...on fleek!  Perfect.  On Point.  Reminds me of what I am to do.  Pray.

I have to admit, the language of teenagers is a paradigm defying all paradigms. I am almost certain my parents thought the same thing when we were growing up. Words like, “Awesome! Narly! Gag me with a spoon!” were not the popular vernacular of their day. Recently, I was introduced to the words, “on fleek” […]

Virtuous School Children: Is it Possible?

4 of the 5 (missing - college kid)...obligatory first day of school photo!

Here we are again. The beginning of the school year – just a couple days away from more chaos and HOMEWORK! Oh, the HOMEWORK! This year, I am determined to stay on top of it all. I bought several tools to help me: an Erin Condren Life Planner, the Whole Enchilada organizing system from Catholic […]

Come & Get It: Sunday Dinner & The Next Phase of Parenting

These were special candy drinks we made for Sunday Dinner today.  We were celebrating Elie's birthday!

My husband and I are journeying through the next phase of parenting. We are not empty nesters. But we had one who flew the coop. It was not as dramatic as imagined. Not really. One day, we picked her up from her Disney College Program, and the next day, she moved in with her friend. […]

10 Things I Learned from God in Ecuador (As told in Pictures)

Not all who wander are lost

As a working Catholic mom, I feel a pressure to justify why I work. I feel that pressure to justify it with my Catholic friends, who know I long to stay at home. I feel the pressure to justify it to my working friends, who know faith is at the center of my leadership at […]

Momma Bear

Liz and Merida in Disney.  There is a little resemblance.  And a lot of resemblance between me and the momma bear.

Sunday, March 8, 2015 was International Women’s Day. HOORAH for women in all walks of life! But this International Women’s Day had me thinking…what was missing in the posts I read or the videos or the images? Truly, I thought something was missing from the conversation. Looking back over the pieces of information I perused […]

Listen to Your Heart

Sacred Fire photo

We are over a week into Lent, and already, the desert is unbearable! It is hot, uncomfortable, and DRY. But is this not what Lent is supposed to do? Make us feel a little uncomfortable? Make us consider the path of Our Lord’s Passion? Make us turn inward to know that our only refuge in […]

Rest, Daddy

Daddy and I after my graduation in 2012 with a PhD from Louisiana State University.

I have not blogged in quite a long time. Writing usually comes easily to me, except when deep emotions are involved. Even now, pausing between these three sentences causes my mind to drift. I am still not completely focused. I don’t really want to write what I am called to write about today. My Daddy. […]

Gumbo Roux: Ca C’est Bon, Mon Cher!

After the roux making, then comes the seasoning...Yummy!

In full disclosure…I’m Cajun. (Translation from title:  That’s good, my dear!)   In further disclosure…I love to cook!  Therefore, part of my resolutions for the new year are cooking related.  What?  Don’t you have cooking goals??   In my experience as a Cajun and one who cooks, making roux [roo] relates to praying.  This seems […]

I Should Have Said No

When I received Lisa Hendey's book, "The Grace of Yes," I was so excited!

I should have said no. But when I said yes, I felt POWERFUL. I felt NEEDED. I felt SOUGHT AFTER. I felt DESIRED. Now, I just feel TIRED. I tend to bite off more than I can chew. That’s something my mother told me long ago when I was a teenager. Constantly trying to get […]

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