Thou Little Tiny Child

My friend and host of Faith and Good Counsel introduced me to the Coventry Carol as we were planning our show the day after the Newtown tragedy for the December 18th Faith and Good Counsel Show.  I was so grateful to her for pointing us in this direction.  This carol was saying everything my heart was feeling as a mother for the slaughter of these 20 beautiful babies of God.

The carol laments the deaths of the young boys in Bethlehem, at the hand of Herod, in his anger at the prophecy of a new king (Jesus).  These Holy Innocents were the first martyrs…losing their lives because of Jesus’ life.

There is really nothing I can offer the Newtown, CT. tragedy, except my tears and prayers.  This carol says it all…it says what we as mothers and fathers tuck away in our hearts about our children.  It was written in 1534, but 2012 still hears these sentiments.  Join me in praying for Newtown…especially the 6 teachers and administrators who died heroic deaths, and the 20 innocent lives lost.    Send article as PDF   

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