Rooted in Love: Donna-Marie and My Grandmother

OK, so I promised a review of the book by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle:  Rooted in Love:  Our Calling As Catholic Women…and it is so appropriate that I will post this on the date of my grandmother’s birth.  My grandmother, Edna Mary (I am named after her…Mary – good call, Mom), was a woman of faith beyond any I know.  She is the grandmother I refer to in the first part of the Mary series…the one who taught me to pray my Rosary.  Happy birthday in Heaven, Momo Edna.  I love you.

Rooted In Love:  Our Calling as Catholic Women

Rooted In Love: Our Calling as Catholic Women

What does this have to do with Rooted in Love?  Because as I was reading Donna-Marie’s book, I kept thinking of my grandmother.  In fact, I kept thinking of all the women towers of faith in my life:  Momo Edna, Momo B, My mother, Ms. Witty – my kindergarten teacher, my Nanny (godmother, for those not from south Louisiana), and so many others.  Donna-Marie’s book is a tribute to women such as these.  Women who defied the odds of their generation, and brought their faith to life, “aiding humanity in not falling.”  To them, I salute!  Except for my Nanny, each of these women are on the other side of Heaven, and can pray for us all.

Each of these women exemplified what I retained most from Rooted in Love…their virtue…their HEROIC virtues.  These are similar to the virtues of Our Lady…Patience, Faith, Ardent Charity, Courage, etc.  In reading the chapter on work, I was moved by Donna-Marie’s understanding and application of living virtues in the work world.  Each of these women I speak of above worked.  They provided not just financially, although that was needed.  Their work lives taught me something about how to work…Work with LOVE.  Offer it all to God.  With everything you do at work, rely on your faith, and bring the virtues into the work place.  As a working Catholic mom, I can tell you it is so needed.  The work place is filled with a leadership style that is not conducive to love, patience, and true courage.  As women who work, bringing these particular virtues into the work place changes the leadership landscape…to one that is beneficial for both men and women.

As I “ponder” this (Donna-Marie uses this word throughout the book…I LOVE IT!), I think about my role in the equation.  There are plenty of times I lose patience with a staff member or co-worker.  I have to re-group and show them tender mercy and love.  I can do this through seeking forgiveness if my behavior was inappropriate.  I can also have the heroic patience spoken of by St. Louis de Montfort, about Our Lady.  I recognize this from my grandmothers, my mother, and my Nanny as well.  I witnessed each of them going through their day with patience and love.  What an example!

This book is a call to women…Virtue, outreach, relationships, prayer, sacraments — these things keep us “rooted” and authentic!  I LOVED this book.  It was a challenge to me…Bring it all!  You are woman!  BRING IT TO THE TABLE!  WORK FOR THE LORD, NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

As an additional thought, the format of this book is great for individual reflection, as well as group situations (like small faith groups).  The questions teach us to ponder the topics and to dig deeper into your own faith.  Well done, Donna-Marie!

I give this book 5 out of 5 Stars (I’ll think of something more creative later!)…

Next up for book review:  Along the Way: Lessons for an Authentic Journey of Faith by Randy Hain.

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