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Along the Way: Lessons for an Authentic Journey of Faith

First of all, I get Randy Hain!  What I LOVED THE MOST about this book is the tips and strategies, presented in bulleted or numbered lists.  Top 6 strategies, top 5 tips, 4 things to do…This speaks to me.  It directly challenges the reader to “do these things, it can help!”  As a strategic thinker and someone who deals with “to do” lists on a daily basis, it is quite easy to put these suggestions on the list.  If you’ve read any of my blog posts, you will notice a similarity.  WHY?  Because sometimes women need simple and straight-forward reminders to their complex multi-tasked world.  Keep it simple, sweetheart!

The other BEAUTIFUL concept about this book is you get the sense that Randy is living this journey right now…and giving us his nuggets to benefit us on our own faith journeys.  And though he is a convert, cradle Catholics are pulled into the journey and can relate to the topics he presents.  He presents them in a humble, and beautiful way as to draw the reader into his journey, and use the strategies in their own journeys.  LOVE THAT ABOUT THIS BOOK!

But let’s get to the content…EQUALLY AS BEAUTIFUL as what I’ve mentioned above.  Randy tackles some of the lukewarmness of our faith…when we’ve all done the whole silo-your-life-thing.  Randy calls us to something greater.  He asks us to consider a different approach – one in which integrating your life becomes rewarding, life-giving, and honoring to Christ.  This is where I am on my own faith journey – how do I give it ALL to God.

Particularly in the work sections, Randy is calling us to true transformational leadership.  He provides options of leading with love, believing in others, listening to others, and being a role model in the work place.  He doesn’t see this as necessarily overt praying, though he does challenge us to practicing the tenants of the faith at work, like praying a blessing before eating no matter where you are eating.  This does tend to spark conversation!  Who couldn’t use edifying conversation at work?  How often do our conversations degrade others (i.e. our supervisors, our colleagues, politicians, etc.)?  I know that I could be a better example at work.  Randy’s challenges include living those tenants of our faith of LOVING others, instead of degrading them.  He also presents documents of our faith in which previous popes and Church fathers tell us that to split ourselves from our faith, especially in the work world, is always detrimental.

The ways Randy presents to do this are ways to cure the lukewarmness of our hearts about our faith and work.  I enjoy his candor about our addictions to the smart phone (I include myself in this number), and how to reduce the noise, to become closer to God.  He reminds us that “we were made for heaven not this place” (p. 103).  He says, “Our ultimate destination is heaven, and we need to live our lives on earth in a way that will help us get there” (p. 109).  I don’t know about you, but I see this as a call to action, especially in a Year of Faith.  I love that he also weaves in all resources from our faith:  intercession, prayer, Church tradition, Holy Scripture – the whole kit and caboodle.   He shares with us in Chapter 20 (Joy), the following from Holy Scripture:

I have told you this so that you might have peace in me.  In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world. (John 16:33).

Randy reminds us that being Catholic is joyful!  The Lord wants us to have peace, through our obedience and trust in Him.  This Scripture Randy presents sings to the soul of the presence of Our Lord at all times in our lives.  How blessed are we??

You guys, this is a play-book!  It’s a “How-do-you-do-this-faith-thing” sort of book.  Easy to read, fun to read, applicable to our everyday lives!

Thank you, Mr. Randy Hain for being real, vulnerable, and truthful in a book that is certain to be life-changing for so many of us!

Five out of Five Stars from The Working Catholic Mom!  (I told you I would have something more creative – next week!!)

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