Buses from the Diocese of Baton Rouge leaving for DC!  Save the Babies!

Buses from the Diocese of Baton Rouge leaving for DC! Save the Babies!

During the week of the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, making abortion legal, I have had so many feelings and thoughts going through my mind. I want to focus on the joys I have experienced with the “young Church.”

My joy started on MLK day – Martin Luther King who was a champion for LIFE!  His niece, Dr. Alveda King will visit us in South Louisiana soon!  She is a CHAMPION FOR LIFE!  She has some things to say to those who would believe her uncle would be in favor of where we are going in regards to life.

So, on MLK day, I headed to the Diocese of Baton Rouge to drop off my 2 beautiful red-headed teenage girlies – Elizabeth and Emma.  Elizabeth has adopted the Pro-Life movement as the movement she focuses most of her passion in the Church.  Both have participated in donating baby and mother supplies to women’s shelters, spiritual adoption, prayers in front of abortion facilities, and other activities in the Pro-Life Club at our parish.  This is Emma’s first trip to DC for the March for Life; Elizabeth attended last year.

Bishop Robert Meunch sent the 450 young men and women forward with the following words:  “You are NOT going on a trip.  I am sending you on a MISSION.”

I am sending you on a Mission! - Bishop Robert Meunch

I am sending you on a Mission! – Bishop Robert Meunch

MISSION!  Mission sounds like something from the work place, but the Bishop was saying it with much more emphasis and passion than I have ever experienced in the work place.  When he said it, you could have heard a pin drop.

Some of these kids have NEVER heard this before.  “I’m sending you on a MISSION!”  What in the world??  I am trying to think to my 15 year old self…not something I would have been prepared for at all.

Let me share with you something that happened that very morning.  We were running late!  We had to pick up one of the participants in the town over, at a very early hour.  By the time we were ready to leave the house, it was already the time we had to be at the diocese, and we had a 20 minute drive.

Let me pause right her for a little self-disclosure.  I HATE BEING LATE FOR ANYTHING!  My father taught me, “If you are on time, you’re already late.”  I’ve lived that for the best part of my 42 years.

OK…CONTINUING WITH THE STORY —  The whole way to the diocese, I was mumbling about being late.  I was upset, and focused on the fact that we were late.  My 17 year old daughter looked at me and said, “Mom, haven’t you always told us to have faith?  Where’s yours?  We did what we needed to do.  Now, we need to have faith.”

Did I ever tell you how incredible these kids are?  This girl had prepared her heart and soul for the March for Life, and was reminding me, and calling me to have faith.  You see, the reason we were late is because the girls were serving their Christian brother in preparing him for the trip.  They KNEW they were on a MISSION!

And that’s why you could have heard a pin drop at the Bishop’s instructions.  They were hanging on his words because he was speaking truth, with grace and conviction.  They wanted that!  They knew their hearts needed that as they went into the mission field.

I have been praying all day because this is the day both of my girls were praying in front of Planned Parenthood in DC.  Last year, this is where so many conversions took place.  This is where the young people knew what they were fighting for – LIFE!  They found their MISSION – LIFE – SAVE THE BABIES!

Brave adult volunteers and youth ministers headed to DC -- on a mission with LOTS of young people!

Brave adult volunteers and youth ministers headed to DC — on a mission with LOTS of young people!

I am proud of my PREAUX LIFE BABIES!  I am excited about this young church who are so willing and able to take on societal injustices and speak for those without voices.  It reminds me of MLK.  It reminds me of his niece, Dr. Alveda King.  It reminds me of the priests, deacons and seminarians who have been in the mission field for a long time.  It calls me to action – Lord, may I never be silent.

Here is a great prayer, adapted from Pope John Paul II’s Homily, National Mall, October 7, 1979:

Almighty God, Our Father, You have given us life and intended us to have it forever, grant us Your blessings, Enlighten our minds to an awareness and to a renewed conviction that all human life is sacred because it is created in Your image and likeness.  Help us to teach by word and the example of our lives that life occupies the first place, that human life is precious because it is a gift of God whose love is infinite.  Give us the strength to defend human life against every influence or action that threatens or weakens it, as well as the strength to make every life more human in all its aspects.

The March for Life will take place on Friday, January 25, 2013.  Please keep in your prayers all those marching to give voice to the voiceless.  Our prayers will raise to Heaven the desire of our hearts…that these precious babies are more than fetal matter – they are souls with bodies, created by a God whose love and mercy is beyond our understanding.  And remember this, too:  “…for nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37.

Peace to you and yours!

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