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Unplanned by Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson is one brave woman. Some people may not agree with me, but right now, that is so irrelevant to me. Google this woman…she’s brave. She is more brave than I know I am…Her virtue of courage speaks volumes throughout this book. Her courage speaks to the heart of those of us who at one point in our lives even said things like, “I’m pro-choice, but I choose life. I don’t think I should legislate for other women.” When I read this book, I recognized myself in the pages, even though I’ve never worked for Planned Parenthood. I saw remnants of my easily swayed self – a self that allowed others to dictate to my conscience. Abby Johnson stands strong, and I love her spirit and voice. Writing as The Working Catholic Mom, I often lament not being able to bring faith at times into the work world. Abby lived that beyond what I can ever imagine.

This book will take you through the horrors of how “pro-choice, but I choose life,” becomes a lukewarm approach to human life. There were times in the book when you can tell what’s coming next, and you find yourself at 2 a.m. turning page after page of how the horror unfolds at a federally funded abortion facility. It is EYE-OPENING! The opening chapter is a look into the day of the life in the abortion clinic, and Abby experiences this first hand on this particular day. She is able to see for herself the horror of what the baby experiences during an abortion.

What stood out to me most from the Planned Parenthood approach was how message savvy they are as an organization, which reminds us in the Pro-Life movement that we can never be silent about women’s health, true choice for women, and the love of our sisters and future sisters. If you are praying before an abortion facility, take a lesson from Abby’s account of her pro-life journey. She is able to trace the steps of her conversion, which hovers around the attitudes of love the Coalition for Life showed to her and other clinic workers, as well as the women entering the clinic.

Abby lays out the beauty of the “other side of the fence,” from the Coalition for Life. In the Pro-Life Movement we can never be complacent about “saving babies” – we need to be vigilant, and continue to provide help, support, and resources for women both while they are pregnant, and afterwards. This is the faith walk of our Holy Catholic Church.

After reading this book, I was reminded that I had like the page, “Abby Johnson: Pro-Life Advocate” on facebook. I immediately went to the page…I was craving more information about her conversion – both to the Pro-Life Movement and to the Roman Catholic Church. Her story intrigued me, and especially as my daughters were marching for life in Washington, DC, I felt connected to her. One of the things I read on her facebook page was:

Guys, I am trying to give you arguments to use against prochoice rhetoric. It is important to be equipped when someone says that life doesn’t begin until the fetus is born. You can talk to them about the baby’s heartbeat beginning at 18 days. If you think you can change someone’s mind on abortion by simply saying “life begins at conception. Period,” you are wrong. You have to have logical arguments to throw back at them. One of the reasons we are behind in this movement is because we do NOT have enough logic to fall back on. It is easy for me to back someone into a corner using their own faulty ideas. We must all be equipped. (FB – Abby Johnson: Pro-Life Advocate; January 24, 2013)

Abby will continue to be a leader in the movement, because she knows it first hand on both sides of the fence. This book is a must read for those dedicated to the pro-life mission. I will be lending my copy tonight to my 17-year-old daughter, who is anxious to read it, especially after the March for Life. Thank you, Abby! Thank you for this book! Most of all, thank you for your courage and bravery!

Five stars out of Five Stars from The Working Catholic Mom! Way to GEAUX, Abby Johnson!

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Peace of Christ to you and yours!

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