Catholic Sister Friendships: How to Establish these Special Relationships – Holy Hints Thursday

“I feel stronger when you are close by.” – Beth March, Little WomenCatholic Girlfriends

This week has been episodes of highs and lows. With the help of my Catholic girlfriends, I have felt loved, supported, valued, and affirmed as a daughter of God. Thank you, God for Catholic girlfriends.

It is difficult to live an integrated Catholic life without the assistance of a few good girlfriends, would you agree? My Catholic girlfriends remind me of who I am as a child of God. They help to keep me grounded as a woman who works outside of the home.

This week alone, I have been reminded by 2 close Catholic girlfriends, and new Catholic girlfriend that work has purpose, no matter where it is performed. Another Catholic girlfriend of mine (my daughter’s professed, “2nd momma”) reminded me that though I try to lead in small ways, the impact of a lived faith speaks volumes to people.

I needed these messages this week. The Lord answered so many prayers this week in terms of the work I do as a college administrator, and my role in new evangelization. I felt peace and serenity, as each of these Catholic girlfriends, in their very feminine and beautiful ways told me of their love for Christ, the motivation for their desires, and how we are all part of the Body of Christ.

Catholic girlfriends ROCK!

I have always been a firm believer in developing Catholic friendships with women both at work and outside of work. This is not a group of girlfriends to commiserate about your husbands: THAT’S.NOT.HELPFUL. This is a small group of Catholic girlfriends who tell you “The Truth,” in love, and usually over a cup of coffee.

I love my Catholic girlfriends. They hold me accountable, and I help hold them accountable. They teach me to be a woman of God. They remind me of my commitments, and support me in those, and I pray I do the same for them. When we talk about our husbands, it is out of love and respect – sometimes with advice, but it is always couched in a sacramental response. I LOVE MY CATHOLIC GIRLFRIENDS (wait, did I already say that?).

For those of us who work outside of the home, you may wonder how to fit girlfriends in with everything else. I have often wondered the same thing, but believe I have some strategies I have learned over the past several months.

5 Holy Hints on How to Nurture Catholic girl-friendships:

1. Call your Catholic girlfriends at a predictable time. One of my Catholic girlfriends lives in Ohio. She is the godmother of our third daughter, and I am the godmother of her third child. We knew when we both left Texas that our friendship would change since we would not see each other every day, but we committed to staying in touch. She is the person who knows me most, and can hold me accountable in ways no one else can. I can also be real with her – I don’t have to act perfect or be happy about things I am struggling with in life. And she is able to do the same thing. Because we know each other so well, we always “pick back up” where we left off, no matter how much time has elapsed. Just recently, I’ve gotten into the habit of calling her each week after I co-host Faith and Good Counsel Radio Show on Catholic Community Radio. These conversations have been life-giving, affirming, and funny.

2. Use social media as a way to connect. Social media can get out of hand, for sure. But used wisely, you can re-connect with girlfriends. Just recently, I reconnected with my Christian girlfriends from college. She has encouraged me on the blog, and the fb page (The Working Catholic Mom). Her support is immeasurable. She asked me to ponder a few things about being Catholic, and I have blogged about those things. She has provided such God-inspired feedback, and I have learned from her, as well. I am even a member of a facebook page called, “My Catholic Girlfriends.” There are other great fb sites and I have a feeling, I am going to be expanding my girlfriend circle.

3. Start a Bible study with a small group of Catholic girlfriends, and commit to meet at a particular time each month. I’ve been trying to do this for years. I’ve got a few Catholic girlfriends who are interested in early Saturday morning for coffee and Scripture. I am probably going to pursue this. I love Bible studies with a group of my beautiful Catholic girlfriends. Several years ago, we started the Women of Grace series at our parish. It was the most edifying and faith-filled moments of that year for me.

4. Find Catholic girlfriends at work. When I was doing research with Catholic women administrators at public institutions of higher education, every single one of them wondered if there was a way to start a lunch-time Rosary group. Each mentioned the Rosary as part of their prayer life, and wanted to connect with other Catholic women to bring their prayers together. This is a great time to get together at work…I mean, we all get a lunch break, right?

5. Pray for Our Lord to bring into your life holy women, “imbued with the spirit to aid humanity in not falling.” These are the women who will be the best of friends, because they are after your own heart. Trust the Lord to send the right friends, and at the right time.

These Catholic girlfriends are sisters on the journey. What would I do without them?

How do you nurture your friendships? Do you have tips, as a working Catholic mom (either inside or outside of the home) that would help us understand how and why to develop these friendships? Please share your tips and strategies!

Until next time…peace to you and yours!


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  1. I recommend praying the rosary with girlfriends.

    • Pat….that’s a great suggestion. The Rosary is such an awesome feminine prayer…I always think of my sisters on the journey when I pray it. It has been awesome when I have prayed it before with a group of women dedicated to serving our Lord.

  2. Some of my best Catholic Girlfriends are in the same church choir with me. We practice every Wednesday night in my home (this way, the ones with kids are free to bring them). There are a couple of men in the choir, but truth be told, when the men don’t show up to practice, we Catholic Girlfriends put aside the singing and just enjoy each other’s company along with encouragement, commiseration and a good sanity break. We call it Music Therapy.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. It reminded me to give thanks to the Lord for the faithful friends He has blessed me with. Please let me share this wonderful text on friendship with you:

    “Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter:
    whoever finds one has found a treasure.
    Faithful friends are beyond price;
    no amount can balance their worth.
    Faithful friends are life-saving medicine;
    and those who fear the Lord will find them.”
    -Sirach 6:14-16

  4. This is beautiful. What about Adoration follow by a coffee date with your girlfriends? I know I need time to be quiet with Christ.

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