Something More: YES, MAM! (Book Review)

Something MoreSomething More: The Professional’s Pursuit of a Meaningful Life by Randy Hain

Something more, indeed! This book is the something more that everyone needs as they search for a meaningful life!

What is a meaningful life? That is a great question…and Randy Hain spends fourteen chapters interviewing seasoned, mid-level, and entry-level professionals who answer that very question. At the end of each chapter, Randy has the reader consider critical questions regarding the journey to a meaningful life. These questions are meant to be thought provoking, and reflective. When I began reading “Something More,” I realized to get the most out of what Randy was saying, I needed to keep a journal to reflect on these questions. One of the best tools to develop leadership is to journal and critically reflect about leadership issues, skills and abilities. Randy has given us a gift of reflection in the book. FANTASTIC QUESTIONS!

Another FANTASTIC finding for me in this book was the amount of executive level women professionals Randy interviewed in the book. THANK YOU, RANDY! What was so refreshing to read was how these women truly discerned their professional lives. Their faith is at the core of their leadership, which affirms the research data from my dissertation study. This faith in the leadership equation kept things in balance for them. In Tami Heim’s interview, she articulates it very succinctly:

“A meaningful life is one where I have the freedom to walk in confidence and humility every day in every way because I know who I am and whose I am in Christ. The revelation of who I am, who he is, and how my life fits into his plan gives me perspective, orders my priorities, and gives meaning to everything I do.” (p. 42).

Tami gets it! Her equation is correct, and her life is full of meaning because of it.

This book is full of stories, just like Tami’s story, who prioritize their lives. In “Something More,” Randy gives us an intentional approach to lead a meaningful life. In each of the interviews, Randy’s participants are full of intention about their lives. Many of them have “life plans,” which include their priorities and goals. One common thread runs throughout: a meaningful life does not just happen by accident. It comes through reflection, prioritizing, and acting on those priorities in your life.

Of course, whether you are finding meaning and staying in your current job/profession, or if your contemplation takes you down the path on a different journey, Randy suggests courage is a key component. He says,

“One of the underlying themes I repeatedly encounter in my conversations with business people who lead meaningful lives is their seeming abundance of courage in making the difficult choice to forge a path to a life that is different from the norm.” (p. 84)

Randy invites us to consider confronting our fears, living authentically, and prioritizing our lives. The concepts in this book are indeed counter-cultural. The equations are written for you, with personal reflection questions, and checklists (Thank you, Randy!).

This book is a gift to the work world! With so many professionals “burning the midnight oil,” concepts within the pages of “Something More” give us a different view; one which could lead to happiness, serving others with our work, and having courage in the face of adversity. If you are a professional in the work world, I encourage you to read this book, and explore the critical questions to leading a meaningful life. I have a sneaking suspicion that it will lead you to “Something More.”    Send article as PDF   

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