I Will Miss You, Papa…5 Things I will Miss about Pope Benedict XVI

BenedictBy the time I post this blog, in Rome time, Pope Benedict XVI will be Pope Emeritus.

I have waited to post much about the Pope, my beloved Papa.  I am not sure why.  Maybe part of it is I was in denial…I wanted to just enjoy his last days as our fearless, humble leader; maybe it was because it was just too surreal.  I was soaking up learning more about him since his resignation than I took for granted in his almost 8 years as the shepherd of the flock.   Most of all, I did not believe myself to be an expert on the Pope, and I didn’t want others to judge my ignorance, while my heart was breaking and filling with love for this young-spirited man from Germany.

Benedict after Mass

But here goes…my blog post of the top 5 things I will miss about Pope Benedict XVI:

1.  I am going to miss our introverted, shy, but ever so smart and incredibly intuitive and strong Papa.  He has taught those of us who are introverted that we have something to say, even when it takes us a little longer to think about it.  He taught us to think deeply about issues of faith and life.

2.  I am going to miss his lessons in humility.  Especially in his resignation, Pope Benedict XVI taught us that leadership is not about oneself, but about how and who you serve.  In servant leadership, the leader turns the concepts of power and authority on their ear.  In servant leadership, much like Jesus washing the disciples’ feet, one comes to serve.  One also listens closely the call from God in their lives, and submits to that Holy Will.  Pope Benedict XVI understood that!

3.  I am going to miss the Catholic Memes about our “German Shepherd.”  The good ones.  Not the rude ones.  I love the good ones.  They remind me that our Papa has a sense of humor.

4.  I am going to miss the stories of his friendship with Blessed John Paul II.  They had a special connection, and we were able to see that after Blessed John Paul II died, and Pope Benedict XVI began to lead.

5.  I am going to miss his writings as Pope.  I am anxious to see if he will write as Pope Emeritus.  I love his Jesus series.  They are beautiful, and bring us closer to Christ through the journey of Christ’s life.

Which is just what Pope Benedict XVI did for us…led us to Christ.  He spoke truth, with grace and mercy.  He led with humility and love.  He looked like the most kind grandfather!  You knew and understood him to be fierce in his defense of the faith – after all, that was his job, his calling, his vocation.

What are you going to miss about Pope Benedict XVI?

I will miss you, Papa.  But, as you remind us, you will be with us in prayer.  We hear you, and we respond with our prayers as well.

I love you, Papa.

Peace to you and yours,


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