Blessed, Beautiful and Bodacious – Yes, Ms. Woman – That’s YOU!

Blessed Beautiful and BodaciousI love Pat Gohn! She is my Northeast United States other half! She’s sassy…loves Christ…knows JPII…and lives a faith-filled full life!

OK…she’s SASSY!!!! And in a very good way! She reminds me that women come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, personalities, bringing different gifts and talents to the table. She reminds us, too, that women as a whole bring something to the table that cannot be ignored, and that the Catholic Church has celebrated this fact for, oh, I don’t know — 2,000 years!

Making her inaugural writing debut in “Blessed, Beautiful and Bodacious: Celebrating the Gift of Catholic Womanhood,” Pat affirms the feminine genius, and celebrates women! Written like a definite catechist (which Pat is, by the way), she constantly reminds the reader of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, weaving Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and teachings from church fathers and others affirming the dignity of the feminine heart.

As you can tell from the picture, my copy is well-loved. I was able to find myself in these pages, and I know you will, too! Pat challenges us in our deepest mission: spiritual motherhood! Every woman is called to spiritual maternity, including our life-giving nature (physically and spiritually). Some of my best teachers and mentors have been women who do not have one biological child. I think of Blessed Mother Teresa, whom Pat and I discussed on her podcast, Among Women. I think of my previous supervisor, who married at age 42, and then adopted a little boy from Guatemala. She was able to nurture me as a young professional still trying to find my way in the professional world. Pat reminds us that this is our deepest calling because of the way we image God in our creative abilities. Not only do we have the ability to give birth, we become the bearers of love to the world, a world desperate in need of our loving ways. Our motherhood, both biologically and spiritually, makes us strong!

Pat lovingly shows us the contrast of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Eve, re-telling the story of how God utilizes the life-giving nature of woman to bring about the glory of mankind:

“Mary is not just a biological necessity for the Incarnation. No. Through Mary, God brought forth a profound recasting of the glory of being a woman – a woman whose virginity and maternity brought new light, love and life to the world.” (P. 41)

Pat is suggesting that though the fall of mankind started with a woman, women also set things right. It is through Mary’s willingness to cooperate with God’s plan salvation is set back on the track.

Willingly cooperating with God’s plan??? I struggle with this at times. In fact, I am currently struggling with this in my life. But Mary is an example of how to do this – through her womanhood! Through the way she images God through her femininity!

Take a look at the table of contents alone of this book. With TOC Pat gohnchapters titled, ‘God’s Good Opinion of You,” Entrusting Your Maternity to Eternity,” and my favorite, “Beyond Fairy Godmothers,” Pat gives us plenty to ponder, and recommendations to go deeper into the study of the feminine genius. How INGENIOUS of her!!! With a balance between self-disclosure and Church teachings, Pat is able to show how the feminine genius plays a part of our daily lives as women of faith – if only we understand it, and EMBRACE it!

Get this book! Get several of these books and give some away! Read it slowly, and methodically! Get immersed in all that is the beauty of women, and come to know Pat as I have come to know her: as a sister in Christ, and a spiritual mother to many!

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