Landed! Proven Job Search Strategies for Today’s Professional: BOOK REVIEW

Landed!FrontCoverSince my first attempts at blogging, I’ve been blessed to meet both in person and through virtual networks working men and women who live integrated lives.  My new friend, Randy Hain, is perhaps a professional who understands this concept most.  We are blessed with Randy’s writing about integrated work lives, meaning making from your work, and this new book about job searches.


Landed provides the reader with practical strategies as professionals anticipate and engage in job searches.  Of course, this is Randy’s very style…simple, practical, easy to implement strategies.  These strategies work for professionals who are veterans at the job search, as well as those just entering the work world.  For this reason, this book is for all professionals entering or thinking of entering the job search.  I also completely appreciate the amount of women’s voices in the book.  Many of these women are mothers, and give great understanding to balance and finding the right job for you.


Randy summarizes the immediacy of this book and an intentional search, as he writes:


“A common mistake I see with many job seekers is, after losing a job, they focus exclusively on finding the identical job with a different company.  Financial pressures may necessitate finding a new job quickly, but you can always take enough time to do your homework, learn of new opportunities available today (especially if you’ve been out of the job market for years) and ask exploratory questions of both yourself and the new company.” (Hain, Chapter 1, pg 8; Landed)


Now, that is advice I can take to the bank!


By now you might be wondering, “What are the practical strategies?”  Well, you will need to purchase Landed for all of the secrets!


But to review a few things, at the end of each chapter, Randy offers reflection questions for journaling.  In addition, he adds an Action Item to complete in the search process.  These reflection questions and action items assist the reader to dig deeper, reflecting on what they really want in the next job.  As a mentor and coach, as well as a professional, I find these questions critical to professional growth, especially in the job search process.


As an introvert, professional networking is difficult for me.  However, Randy outlines strategies that work for every personality, and that are critical in the professional job search, as well as in business in general.  I had never developed my LinkedIn profile.  After reading the LinkedIn chapter in Landed, I immediately signed up.  The social media strategies are essential in this age of job searching.  Randy’s suggestions are critical to a successful job search.


Key throughout the book is the focus on networking and creating a personal brand.  These concepts are woven throughout the chapters.  Quality and professional advice for moving forward as a candidate!


I highly recommend Landed by Randy Hain.  With chapters chock full of advice from Randy and professionals in the corporate world with years of experience, this book is a must for all at any level of the job search process.  The appendices are special gifts, especially for college students entering the work world.


Do not delay!  Do not wait to lose a job, and leave a job to think of your next job!  Landed is a handbook with practical strategies for finding the job that is right for you!  Buy Landed today!    Send article as PDF   

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