Thanksgiving Poetry from the Wallace’s

Here we are...saying YES to family!  Elizabeth, Emma, Eddy, Mickey, Elie, Elani, (Sarah - an extra - we've always got an extra!), Mary and Steve

Here we are…saying YES to family! Elizabeth, Emma, Eddy, Mickey, Elie, Elani, (Sarah – an extra – we’ve always got an extra!), Mary and Steve

These children…these children I do love.

Our 8 year old caboose has been organizing nightly activities for our family this week.  She took this task upon herself, and I can only imagine she learned it from some workshop she attended with me at work or from watching her older sister conduct a youth ministry gathering.  Wherever she got it from, I’m glad she is doing it!  The last few nights have been extremely fun in the Wallace household!

Tonight, we all were tasked with writing poems or thoughts about Thanksgiving.  Here are their submissions:

Elizabeth – Age 19

“On Thanksgiving I like to eat

No, Don’t make me repeat

I like to eat.


Not pronounced “Burkey”


From Sams

Just kidding…yams are gross.

Cranberries…they’re from Hades.

I think I’ll stop now because I stink at this.”


Emma – age 16

Turkey is so good

I wonder what’s under the hood?

Is it organs and giblets?

Oh, how I like to take niblets!

Apple pie for dessert…

I really hope there’s ice cream!


Eddy – age 16 (a Haiku)

I like Thanksgiving

My favorite time of year



Elani – age 13

I like to eat til I burst.  When I’m not eating, I’m sleeping.


Elie – age 8

I like to eat stuff and play outside with my family.  I like to talk inside and outside.  I love to got to my bed and sleep at night and wake up and eat turkey.


As you can see, there is a theme of eating, family, and napping!  If the hubs had written one, there would be football, too!

Thanksgiving is coming up!  Don’t forget to hug your babies, and spend as much time with them as possible.  Thanking God for our blessings is something I sometimes take for granted.  Elie has been reminding us to take some moments to let the graces soak in.

It is also a good time to remember those who do not have basic necessities in life, including food, shelter, and love.  Bring love to someone who needs it this year.  Don’t forget your local food banks, not just now, but throughout the year.

My cup runneth over…



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