On Fleek… What I am Learning from the Kids

Jesus Praying statue at the Shrine of Blessed Father Francis Xavier Seelos in New Orleans...on fleek! Perfect. On Point. Reminds me of what I am to do. Pray.

Jesus Praying statue at the Shrine of Blessed Father Francis Xavier Seelos in New Orleans…on fleek! Perfect. On Point. Reminds me of what I am to do. Pray.

I have to admit, the language of teenagers is a paradigm defying all paradigms. I am almost certain my parents thought the same thing when we were growing up. Words like, “Awesome! Narly! Gag me with a spoon!” were not the popular vernacular of their day.

Recently, I was introduced to the words, “on fleek” by my teenagers. According to Urban Dictionary, On Fleek means: “the quality of being perfect; on point.”

I say this at work sometimes, as I supervise an area with lots of young adults. The other day, our office hosted an involvement fair for college students to browse student organizations. The staff had done a superior job of organizing and implementing the event. I told one of our younger staff members,

“This fair is on FLEEK!”

He looked at me in surprise. “You know what that means!”


He started cackling, and I started to whip and Nae Nae.

All of these things I learn from my teenagers.

My daughter will often say, “Mom, my eyebrows are on fleek today.” I look up expecting to see stunning eyebrows, the kind to make Brooke Shields jealous. What do I see? Eyebrows. I see my beautiful daughter wanting something in her life to be “on point.” She doesn’t understand yet, she is already on point; enough. She is the daughter of a King.

You know who/what is “on fleek?” Jesus. My Savior. My Love. My Ultimate Hero. Jesus is on fleek.

The Catholic Church is on fleek. It is on point. It points us to our True North – Heaven – Jesus.

Our Blessed Mother is on fleek. She is on point. Her ultimate job is to bring us to her Son – Our Savior – Our Love – Our Ultimate Hero.

Thinking of the slang, “on fleek,” I started to think about as a working Catholic wife and mom, what things are on fleek in my life. I came up with a top 5:

1. Father. Son. Holy Spirit. They are on fleek.

2. My Family. So extremely grateful to be the wife and mom in my family. Straight up on point.

3. My job. Even with some of the difficulties I have balancing it with being a momma, I am extremely GRATEFUL to the Lord that He has entrusted me with this responsibility. Definitely leading to my holiness – so, yes, on fleek.

4. The faith community to which we belong. First, the Catholic faith in general – 2000 years old. So on fleek. Then, the particular parish we belong to – St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Brusly, Louisiana. It’s a small little Cajun town right outside of Baton Rouge. The people are real, filled with love, and completely community centered. On Fleek.

5. The Saints. Those who have gone before us, filled with the Holy Spirit, the faith, and an incredibly awesome love of Christ and His precepts. They are like my “on fleek” gang of intercessors! On point, on point, on point.

What is “on fleek” in your life? What are you most grateful for right now? What is on point, going right, meant for your holiness?

Here are some things to ponder concerning what is most important, what is most perfect, what leads you to holiness and to Heaven:

1. List 5 things for which you are most grateful for in your life.

2. Where have you suffered most in the last 10 years? Has that suffering brought any spiritual matureness to your faith? In what ways?

3. What saints do you most ask for intercession? What are the characteristics of these saints? In what ways do you feel connected to them?

4. In Mass, what is your most persistent prayer? How does this prayer help you to worship Jesus? How does this prayer bring you closer in friendship to Christ?

5. In your vocation as mother and/or wife, what do you consider the most joyful aspect? How do you offer this back to Christ in thanksgiving for the graces He bestows?

Good luck in finding “on fleek” moments, people, places, spaces, and things. As the kids would say, “Our faith is on fleek.”

God Bless You Abundantly!

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