Are you like me this week??

Completely excited about the visit of Papa!  Yet, without the resources to attend anything in Philly, DC or NY?

Me, too.

I could sulk about this while I pray for his intentions.  But, I’m not going to do that!

In great spiritual anticipation of the Pope’s arrival, I decided to do my first giveaway at The Working Catholic Mom!  YAY!

Remember about a month ago, I let all of the readers know that the hubs said some of my books had to go, as we moved to our new home?  Today is the day.

Here is how I envision it all working:

  1.  Each week, I will designate a giveaway (book, religious article, etc.).
  2. In order to enter, you will need to answer a question I post on the blog.  Trivia, if you will.  Just answer the question in the comments.
  3. If there are ties in answers (I expect there to be, because let’s face it – I’m not a theological scholar, so these questions are probably going to be easy peasy), I will put names in a hat and draw a winner.
  4. I will announce the winner on the blog and facebook page.
  5. Please email me at if you are the winner!  I will need your mailing address.  This will come to you SHIPPING FREE!  What a bargain!

We will see how this goes.  Perhaps there is a better way.  But let’s go..

Here’s the trivia question:

Who of Jesus’ followers understood He was talking to her when He said her name?  In addition, how did she respond to Him?

Here is the prize:

First Prize Drawing

The Catholic Briefcase:  Tools for Integrating Faith and Work by Randy Hain- founder of the website, Integrated Catholic Life


A brass fleur de lis ornament


Please respond by Thursday, September 24, 2015 by noon.  Pope Francis is scheduled to address a joint session of the House and Senate at 10 a.m. that day.  I will be praying for his wisdom, knowledge, strength, humility and courage.

I ask that we join together in prayer for our Pope.  He is going to be hitting some rocky terrain in the US, particularly in DC.  He’s the Holy Father, though, so I’m not worried.  Together, as women of faith, let us pray with one another for the leader of our Church.

Good luck and God Bless!

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  1. It was Mary Magdalene. She responded “Teacher” and she went and announced to the disciples that she had seen Jesus.

    • Laurie!

      Yes indeedy!

      I sometimes identify with Mary Magdalene. I love the scene at the tomb. It reminds me that Jesus is our teacher. It’s a great way to think of Our Lord.

      You win, Laurie! I’ll be emailing you this afternoon!


  2. Lovely blog Mary… Please write some more for us…
    I am a mother of nine, grandmother of twenty and great grandmother of one. My faith is the most important thing in my life …
    See my blog:

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