Dating the Hubby

I have a confession to make…I feel a little vulnerable sharing it, but I know that if I want the blog to be part of the New Evangelization, and to witness to the heart of Catholic women, then I need vulnerability and honesty.  Here goes…I have neglected my husband lately.    Send article as PDF […]

Women at the Well: Bathed in Divine Mercy

My first speaking engagement!  I would like to invite all who are in the Baton Rouge/New Orleans area (or those who want to visit!): Women at the Well:  Bathed in Divine Mercy    Send article as PDF   

My Weekend – Without Work

There are not many weekends I am able to “leave work at work.” This weekend, I was able to do just that. Though this blog post is a little of “what I did this weekend,” it also is aimed at helping other women, just like me, enjoy their time away from work, and to focus […]

I Will Miss You, Papa…5 Things I will Miss about Pope Benedict XVI

By the time I post this blog, in Rome time, Pope Benedict XVI will be Pope Emeritus. I have waited to post much about the Pope, my beloved Papa.  I am not sure why.  Maybe part of it is I was in denial…I wanted to just enjoy his last days as our fearless, humble leader; […]

Trust and Humility at Work: Mission Possible!

So many of the saints of the Church have given amazing examples of lives filled with TRUST in God’s word and providential care; and a life of HUMILITY, living in obedience and submission to God’s Holy Will. Though difficult at times, this type of living leads one on a journey filled with God’s graces. Two […]

Something More: YES, MAM! (Book Review)

Something More: The Professional’s Pursuit of a Meaningful Life by Randy Hain Something more, indeed! This book is the something more that everyone needs as they search for a meaningful life! What is a meaningful life? That is a great question…and Randy Hain spends fourteen chapters interviewing seasoned, mid-level, and entry-level professionals who answer that very […]

Praying for Your Children – Teenagers Especially! (Holy Hints)

Perhaps it is because I just spent a night with my daughter and her friends, as she turned 18 last night, or maybe it is because I realize I have 2 teenagers now, or maybe it is just because as a working Catholic mom I sometimes fail in my busyness to take out time to […]

Cheerfulness and the Leader

How often do we do something beautiful for God at work?  I mean, in the ordinary things we do at work, when we consciously think of God, and move forward with joy, and intentionally do our work with the idea that our work is something beautiful for Him? Consider the plethora of opportunities you have […]


In the last few weeks, the theme of “trust Jesus” has been throughout my prayer time, Adoration, and heartfelt conversations with Jesus. Last night, at a diocesan youth event with the teens from the Church, the following was read by an incredible young seminarian:    Send article as PDF   

Catholic Sister Friendships: How to Establish these Special Relationships – Holy Hints Thursday

“I feel stronger when you are close by.” – Beth March, Little Women This week has been episodes of highs and lows. With the help of my Catholic girlfriends, I have felt loved, supported, valued, and affirmed as a daughter of God. Thank you, God for Catholic girlfriends.    Send article as PDF   

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