Angelic Sweetness: A Virtue in the Work Place

Lent is DEFINITELY upon us, and the desert sands are burning a hole in my foot! Sometimes that desert for me is the workplace. With so much competition, pressure to succeed, and different personalities in the workplace, the virtue of angelic sweetness is a difficult one to practice. However, Lent is giving me many opportunities […]

Free Water! Free Smiles!

Last Friday, my job at work was simple…pass out water on the corner of a major corridor on campus as parents/families/guests came to campus to attend graduation! I thought to myself: “I CAN DO THIS!” I can do this with a smile! It was amazing to congratulate cars filled with graduates and families with free […]

Blessed Mother Teresa: Part Two of the Summer Saints Series: Saints for the Working Catholic Mom

How do you begin a blog post about a woman who you followed as a child change the world? How do you describe the love you saw both in person and on the TV? How do you explain the feelings of despair, yet happiness for her when the announcement of her death stunned your ears? […]

Feminine Heart – In the Work Place

Edith Stein, otherwise known as St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, is a ROCKSTAR woman! She is someone who both worked, while understanding and acting on her feminine dignity and beauty.    Send article as PDF   

Something More: YES, MAM! (Book Review)

Something More: The Professional’s Pursuit of a Meaningful Life by Randy Hain Something more, indeed! This book is the something more that everyone needs as they search for a meaningful life! What is a meaningful life? That is a great question…and Randy Hain spends fourteen chapters interviewing seasoned, mid-level, and entry-level professionals who answer that very […]

Cheerfulness and the Leader

How often do we do something beautiful for God at work?  I mean, in the ordinary things we do at work, when we consciously think of God, and move forward with joy, and intentionally do our work with the idea that our work is something beautiful for Him? Consider the plethora of opportunities you have […]

My Sisters, The Saints – by Colleen Carroll Campebell (BOOK REVIEW)

Colleen Carroll Campbell is definitely a working Catholic mom! Her newest book, My Sisters The Saints reveals Colleen as a strong, vulnerable, and capable leader, following a familiar journey of faith – those of many of us women, and in particular, those of 6 beautiful female Saints.    Send article as PDF   

Along the Way: Randy Hain Draws Us In

Along the Way: Lessons for an Authentic Journey of Faith First of all, I get Randy Hain!  What I LOVED THE MOST about this book is the tips and strategies, presented in bulleted or numbered lists.  Top 6 strategies, top 5 tips, 4 things to do…This speaks to me.  It directly challenges the reader to […]

Rooted in Love: Donna-Marie and My Grandmother

OK, so I promised a review of the book by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle:  Rooted in Love:  Our Calling As Catholic Women…and it is so appropriate that I will post this on the date of my grandmother’s birth.  My grandmother, Edna Mary (I am named after her…Mary – good call, Mom), was a woman of faith […]


As women who work, we reflect on our leadership in the workforce.  In the work world, we are taught that the leadership equation includes winning, managing, competition, with “me” at the center of it all: my next promotion; my next acquisition; my next big step.    Send article as PDF   

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