10 Things I Learned from God in Ecuador (As told in Pictures)

As a working Catholic mom, I feel a pressure to justify why I work. I feel that pressure to justify it with my Catholic friends, who know I long to stay at home. I feel the pressure to justify it to my working friends, who know faith is at the center of my leadership at […]

Free Water! Free Smiles!

Last Friday, my job at work was simple…pass out water on the corner of a major corridor on campus as parents/families/guests came to campus to attend graduation! I thought to myself: “I CAN DO THIS!” I can do this with a smile! It was amazing to congratulate cars filled with graduates and families with free […]

My Job Ain’t Glamorous…But the Lord Wants Me Here

This is not going to be a highly theological blog post. I hope that is o.k. Today, I am working, and I don’t really like it.  In fact, I hate it.  I am doing something that I don’t want to do at all.  My will would say, “Run while you can.” And yet, Our Lord […]

The Language of the Soul: Work, Faith, Love and Anna Karenina

This summer I read the novel, “Anna Karenina,” by Leo Tolstoy.  I had never read the novel previously, and I had no preconceived notions about the plot, the characters, or the emotional turmoil I would experience as I read.  The book evokes so many different emotions, as Tolstoy weaves a political, social and religious tale, […]

Blessed Mother Teresa: Part Two of the Summer Saints Series: Saints for the Working Catholic Mom

How do you begin a blog post about a woman who you followed as a child change the world? How do you describe the love you saw both in person and on the TV? How do you explain the feelings of despair, yet happiness for her when the announcement of her death stunned your ears? […]

Bass Drums and Electric Guitars: Ear Plugs NOT Included

Steubenville South, held in Alexandria, LA was a wrap on Sunday. I was so excited to have attended with my two oldest daughters, who are incredible young women of faith. For those of you who are not familiar with the Steubenville conferences, these are charismatic in nature, youth-praise worthy, and originating from Franciscan University in […]

My Weekend – Without Work

There are not many weekends I am able to “leave work at work.” This weekend, I was able to do just that. Though this blog post is a little of “what I did this weekend,” it also is aimed at helping other women, just like me, enjoy their time away from work, and to focus […]

My Sisters, The Saints – by Colleen Carroll Campebell (BOOK REVIEW)

Colleen Carroll Campbell is definitely a working Catholic mom! Her newest book, My Sisters The Saints reveals Colleen as a strong, vulnerable, and capable leader, following a familiar journey of faith – those of many of us women, and in particular, those of 6 beautiful female Saints.    Send article as PDF   

Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace…At Work!

Throughout the week, I have contemplated how we treat others, and how that may either attract folks or repel them. I have a job to do, and it is two-fold. I have to be Christ to the world…a world that is so imperfect, but it is the world we live in for now. I also […]

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