Virtuous School Children: Is it Possible?

Here we are again. The beginning of the school year – just a couple days away from more chaos and HOMEWORK! Oh, the HOMEWORK! This year, I am determined to stay on top of it all. I bought several tools to help me: an Erin Condren Life Planner, the Whole Enchilada organizing system from Catholic […]

Come & Get It: Sunday Dinner & The Next Phase of Parenting

My husband and I are journeying through the next phase of parenting. We are not empty nesters. But we had one who flew the coop. It was not as dramatic as imagined. Not really. One day, we picked her up from her Disney College Program, and the next day, she moved in with her friend. […]

I Should Have Said No

I should have said no. But when I said yes, I felt POWERFUL. I felt NEEDED. I felt SOUGHT AFTER. I felt DESIRED. Now, I just feel TIRED. I tend to bite off more than I can chew. That’s something my mother told me long ago when I was a teenager. Constantly trying to get […]

Thanksgiving Poetry from the Wallace’s

These children…these children I do love. Our 8 year old caboose has been organizing nightly activities for our family this week.  She took this task upon herself, and I can only imagine she learned it from some workshop she attended with me at work or from watching her older sister conduct a youth ministry gathering.  […]

Today, We Bake Bread

I love being a momma. I love my job. At times when being a momma seems overwhelming, I really do not like my job very much. It is in the overwhelming times of being a mother that I want to run away from my job to take care of what is going on at home. […]

That UnChristmas Feeling

I have been – well…LAZY…SLOTHFUL…EXTREMELY FATIGUED.  Mainly through my own doing.   And I have a confession of sorts:  my normal Advent joy, accompanied by my awesome Advent Calendar – typically filled with highly catechetical lessons for all ages – it was NIL this season.   When vacation hit for college administrators, this college administrator […]

BOOK REVIEW: “Danny Celebrates Advent” by Dr. Jennifer Grenardo, Ed.D.

Dr. Jennifer Grenardo, Ed.D., provides young readers a catechetical teaching of Advent traditions, as only a mommy catechist could: full of truth, adventure, and lots of creative activities! I tested this book out with an expert critic of children’s books…my 7 year old, Elie Frances. I wanted to know how she viewed the book, and […]

Reading, Writing and Rithmetic…Educational Decisions for the Children

This weekend, I had the opportunity to assist at a Confirmation Retreat for our church parish.  “Great,” I thought, “I get to spend the weekend with a bunch of kids who could care less about the faith.”  NOT my best attitude moment, for sure.  I am so thankful that the Lord opened my heart to […]

Leaving On a Jet Plane…When Momma Travels for Work

Like St. Gianna, many of us who work outside of the home occasionally have to travel for work for periods of time. Though this is a time that can be hectic, sad, and stressful, there are some things we can do as Working Catholic moms to help travel periods be less stressful, and keep us […]

Orienting the Parentals

This week, I am going to start a summer series with the blog called, “Summer Saints Series: Saints for the Working Catholic Mom.” In the spirit of summer, and the best sport ever (baseball), I will give the following cues: Who’s Up; Who’s on Deck; and Who’s in the Hole. This week, we will start […]

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