My Job Ain’t Glamorous…But the Lord Wants Me Here

This is not going to be a highly theological blog post. I hope that is o.k. Today, I am working, and I don’t really like it.  In fact, I hate it.  I am doing something that I don’t want to do at all.  My will would say, “Run while you can.” And yet, Our Lord […]

You Say it Best…By Saying Nothing

This month, though it is a month of gratitude, I have struggled with the vice of envy. This is something I struggle with daily, actually. But I was really trying to focus on gratitude this month, especially reading all of the “30 Days of Gratitude” posts on facebook. Uh…yea, I didn’t do it that way […]

Eternal Rest Grant Unto Him…

I write this blog on what would have been my in-law’s 31st wedding anniversary. This is a difficult blog for me to write, and the words have been swimming in my head since October. I know I won’t get the words right, but the compulsion to write overtakes me sometimes. My father-in-law, after a long […]

The Long and Winding Road: The Treacherous and Joyful Faith Journey

It was a hard path and a dangerous path, a crooked way and a lonely and a long.  Now they could look back over the lands they had left, laid out behind them far below.  Far, far away in the West, where things were blue and faint, Bilbo knew there lay his own country of […]

Run and Tell That: All Part of the New Evangelization

One of the things I like most in the Bible is that there are so many Mary’s, and it seems as if Christ was close to them all.  It makes me wonder about my grandmother, Edna Mary.  Was she close to Him as well?  I mean, was her heart connected to His Sacred Heart?  She […]

Something More: YES, MAM! (Book Review)

Something More: The Professional’s Pursuit of a Meaningful Life by Randy Hain Something more, indeed! This book is the something more that everyone needs as they search for a meaningful life! What is a meaningful life? That is a great question…and Randy Hain spends fourteen chapters interviewing seasoned, mid-level, and entry-level professionals who answer that very […]

Cheerfulness and the Leader

How often do we do something beautiful for God at work?  I mean, in the ordinary things we do at work, when we consciously think of God, and move forward with joy, and intentionally do our work with the idea that our work is something beautiful for Him? Consider the plethora of opportunities you have […]

My Sisters, The Saints – by Colleen Carroll Campebell (BOOK REVIEW)

Colleen Carroll Campbell is definitely a working Catholic mom! Her newest book, My Sisters The Saints reveals Colleen as a strong, vulnerable, and capable leader, following a familiar journey of faith – those of many of us women, and in particular, those of 6 beautiful female Saints.    Send article as PDF   

Unplanned by Abby Johnson – Book Review

Unplanned by Abby Johnson Abby Johnson is one brave woman. Some people may not agree with me, but right now, that is so irrelevant to me. Google this woman…she’s brave. She is more brave than I know I am…Her virtue of courage speaks volumes throughout this book. Her courage speaks to the heart of those […]

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