On Fleek… What I am Learning from the Kids

I have to admit, the language of teenagers is a paradigm defying all paradigms. I am almost certain my parents thought the same thing when we were growing up. Words like, “Awesome! Narly! Gag me with a spoon!” were not the popular vernacular of their day. Recently, I was introduced to the words, “on fleek” […]

What to Tell the Girls

Recently, I was invited to speak at the Atlanta Catholic Business Conference sponsored by The Integrated Catholic Life, EWTN, Belmont Abbey College and the Aquinas Center of Theology. It was a blessing to be among such faith-filled working Catholic laity, living in the truth by integrating their faith and all areas of their lives, including […]

Today, We Bake Bread

I love being a momma. I love my job. At times when being a momma seems overwhelming, I really do not like my job very much. It is in the overwhelming times of being a mother that I want to run away from my job to take care of what is going on at home. […]

Reading, Writing and Rithmetic…Educational Decisions for the Children

This weekend, I had the opportunity to assist at a Confirmation Retreat for our church parish.  “Great,” I thought, “I get to spend the weekend with a bunch of kids who could care less about the faith.”  NOT my best attitude moment, for sure.  I am so thankful that the Lord opened my heart to […]

Bass Drums and Electric Guitars: Ear Plugs NOT Included

Steubenville South, held in Alexandria, LA was a wrap on Sunday. I was so excited to have attended with my two oldest daughters, who are incredible young women of faith. For those of you who are not familiar with the Steubenville conferences, these are charismatic in nature, youth-praise worthy, and originating from Franciscan University in […]

Orienting the Parentals

This week, I am going to start a summer series with the blog called, “Summer Saints Series: Saints for the Working Catholic Mom.” In the spirit of summer, and the best sport ever (baseball), I will give the following cues: Who’s Up; Who’s on Deck; and Who’s in the Hole. This week, we will start […]

The Nest…It Begins to Empty…

As I was addressing my daughter’s high school graduation invitations last night, I began to reminisce about the journey my daughter has taken in life. I find it difficult to put into words how proud I am of her: knowing her struggles, knowing her convictions, knowing her faith, knowing her success despite it all. My […]

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