Rest, Daddy

I have not blogged in quite a long time. Writing usually comes easily to me, except when deep emotions are involved. Even now, pausing between these three sentences causes my mind to drift. I am still not completely focused. I don’t really want to write what I am called to write about today. My Daddy. […]

Thanksgiving Poetry from the Wallace’s

These children…these children I do love. Our 8 year old caboose has been organizing nightly activities for our family this week.  She took this task upon herself, and I can only imagine she learned it from some workshop she attended with me at work or from watching her older sister conduct a youth ministry gathering.  […]

Aunt Anna – 99 and Counting!

Aunt Anna Gleason and I share many things: a maiden name (Blanchard), our Catholic faith, our devotion to the Blessed Mother, and the willingness to allow God to take control of our lives (albeit, imperfectly). However, our similarities are nothing compared to our differences. Aunt Anna was born on September 29, 1915. That’s right – […]

Vacationing WITHOUT Taking a Faith Vacation

There are times in my past when a vacation would apply to all areas of my life: leave from work, leave from routine, leave from Sunday Mass. Growing in my faith has taught me a vacation is the perfect opportunity to slow down and keep God at the center of my heart. As a Catholic […]

Been a Long Week…and It’s Only Tuesday

Ever had one of those weeks? Yea, me, too. In fact, I sometimes believe I have more of those weeks at work than I would want in my work life. And yet, the Lord does seem to allow these weeks. What is a girl to do? After I got home today from picking up the […]

Today, We Bake Bread

I love being a momma. I love my job. At times when being a momma seems overwhelming, I really do not like my job very much. It is in the overwhelming times of being a mother that I want to run away from my job to take care of what is going on at home. […]

Menu Planning for the Working Catholic Mom

I have some exciting book reviews and interviews coming up in the next few weeks – both here and at CatholicMom. One of the books reminded me to post my month-long menu planning, in order to grocery shop only once a month.  When I have done this, the fruit of that effort has been: Cheaper […]

Reading, Writing and Rithmetic…Educational Decisions for the Children

This weekend, I had the opportunity to assist at a Confirmation Retreat for our church parish.  “Great,” I thought, “I get to spend the weekend with a bunch of kids who could care less about the faith.”  NOT my best attitude moment, for sure.  I am so thankful that the Lord opened my heart to […]

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: Part Four of the Summer Saints Series: Saints for the Working Catholic Mom

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was the first saint I was ever introduced to personally.  Shocking?  Not when you consider the circumstances…our first daughter’s baptism – Elizabeth Ann Wallace.  The priest, Fr. Dan, who happened to share a birthday with our baby girl, introduced Elizabeth to the parish as named after St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  From […]

Collard Greens and Homemade Pie: Working with Your Husband

Growing up, I witnessed my mother and father owning and operating a hardware store in a small Cajun town.  It could have been any where in a small town in America.  Growing up this way, my siblings and I learned the value of a full days work.  We developed work ethics at a very early […]

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