Aunt Anna and Our Lady of Fatima

Let me answer this riddle for you right away – Aunt Anna is 101 years young, and Our Lady of Fatima appeared to the little children in Portugal 100 years ago. 100 – that’s a lot of years. 100 1. The number of pennies we glued to a poster board for my daughter to illustrate […]

Angelic Sweetness: A Virtue in the Work Place

Lent is DEFINITELY upon us, and the desert sands are burning a hole in my foot! Sometimes that desert for me is the workplace. With so much competition, pressure to succeed, and different personalities in the workplace, the virtue of angelic sweetness is a difficult one to practice. However, Lent is giving me many opportunities […]

Blessed Mother: Our Virtuous Role Model for Lent

She looked at me and said, “Tell me more about the Virgin Mary?  What is she all about?  Why is she so important?”   I was no stranger to this question.  People who know me know the love and devotion I have for the Blessed Mother.  Some people understand the deep sentiments I have; others […]

Vacationing WITHOUT Taking a Faith Vacation

There are times in my past when a vacation would apply to all areas of my life: leave from work, leave from routine, leave from Sunday Mass. Growing in my faith has taught me a vacation is the perfect opportunity to slow down and keep God at the center of my heart. As a Catholic […]

Under the Mantle: Marian Thoughts from a 21st Century Priest – Book Review

It is very difficult to pick out the best pieces of Under the Mantle when you’ve practically outlined, underlined, dog-eared, and post-it noted almost every page of the book. This is one of those books that move you along on your faith journey. Written for a lay audience, Fr. Donald takes us on a Mary […]

Under the Beating Heart: A Marian Reflection

I am constantly listening for catch phrases and pop culture connections for these blog posts. This morning on the way to work, I was listening to Christopher West on the CD set, “Woman God’s Masterpiece: Understanding and Living the Feminine Genius.” He spoke about Our Lady and how the Lord was under her beating heart, […]


Many mistake the Rosary as a worship of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but the focal point of the prayer is Jesus. One cannot subtract the 20 different mysteries of the Holy Rosary from the prayer of the Rosary.  To do so would present an incomplete understanding and intention of the prayer.    Send article as […]


As women who work, we reflect on our leadership in the workforce.  In the work world, we are taught that the leadership equation includes winning, managing, competition, with “me” at the center of it all: my next promotion; my next acquisition; my next big step.    Send article as PDF   

The Mary Journey – Part 1: DO WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU!

In full disclosure, I am NOT a Marian scholar.  I am not fully versed in all of the Church doctrine about Mary, and how that applies to me as a lay person in the Church.  I am approaching this topic and series as a faithful daughter who wants to grow in wisdom and understanding.  My […]

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