I struggle with developing the discipline of prayer. This Lent, I have tried some new techniques. On this episode of “The 20,” download 20 Ways to Develop the Discipline of Prayer During Lent. As St. Zelie would teach us – prayer is the rhythm of the day. Perhaps some of these ideas could assist you […]

Prayer Life of a Working Catholic Momma

Prayer is tricky. OK, prayer is not tricky…finding time to pray is tricky. OK, finding time to pray is not tricky…making time to pray – that’s on me. Why, even in Lent, do I find it difficult to develop a discipline of prayer? I want to be the biggest pray-er. I want to visit with […]

Gumbo Roux: Ca C’est Bon, Mon Cher!

In full disclosure…I’m Cajun. (Translation from title:  That’s good, my dear!)   In further disclosure…I love to cook!  Therefore, part of my resolutions for the new year are cooking related.  What?  Don’t you have cooking goals??   In my experience as a Cajun and one who cooks, making roux [roo] relates to praying.  This seems […]

Aunt Anna – 99 and Counting!

Aunt Anna Gleason and I share many things: a maiden name (Blanchard), our Catholic faith, our devotion to the Blessed Mother, and the willingness to allow God to take control of our lives (albeit, imperfectly). However, our similarities are nothing compared to our differences. Aunt Anna was born on September 29, 1915. That’s right – […]

My Baby Just Wrote Me a Letter

One of the things that readers of The Working Catholic Mom always ask me is, “How do you XYZ as a working Catholic Mom? I really need some tips!”   I am always amazed when I ask them, “Well, how do you XYZ?” It usually becomes an exchange of tips and strategies used to strengthen […]

Small Steps for Catholic Moms – A Book Review

Danielle Bean and Elizabeth Foss give moms the gift of time management in their new book, “Small Steps for Catholic Moms:  Your Daily Call to Think, Pray and Act.”  This truly is a daily call, formatted almost like a daily text message.  Because the messages are succinct, focused, and efficient, I am drawn into the […]

Praying for Your Children – Teenagers Especially! (Holy Hints)

Perhaps it is because I just spent a night with my daughter and her friends, as she turned 18 last night, or maybe it is because I realize I have 2 teenagers now, or maybe it is just because as a working Catholic mom I sometimes fail in my busyness to take out time to […]


During the week of the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, making abortion legal, I have had so many feelings and thoughts going through my mind. I want to focus on the joys I have experienced with the “young Church.”    Send article as PDF   


Many mistake the Rosary as a worship of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but the focal point of the prayer is Jesus. One cannot subtract the 20 different mysteries of the Holy Rosary from the prayer of the Rosary.  To do so would present an incomplete understanding and intention of the prayer.    Send article as […]

Rooted in Love: Donna-Marie and My Grandmother

OK, so I promised a review of the book by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle:  Rooted in Love:  Our Calling As Catholic Women…and it is so appropriate that I will post this on the date of my grandmother’s birth.  My grandmother, Edna Mary (I am named after her…Mary – good call, Mom), was a woman of faith […]

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