Angelic Sweetness: A Virtue in the Work Place

Lent is DEFINITELY upon us, and the desert sands are burning a hole in my foot! Sometimes that desert for me is the workplace. With so much competition, pressure to succeed, and different personalities in the workplace, the virtue of angelic sweetness is a difficult one to practice. However, Lent is giving me many opportunities […]

Blessed Mother: Our Virtuous Role Model for Lent

She looked at me and said, “Tell me more about the Virgin Mary?  What is she all about?  Why is she so important?”   I was no stranger to this question.  People who know me know the love and devotion I have for the Blessed Mother.  Some people understand the deep sentiments I have; others […]

Virtuous School Children: Is it Possible?

Here we are again. The beginning of the school year – just a couple days away from more chaos and HOMEWORK! Oh, the HOMEWORK! This year, I am determined to stay on top of it all. I bought several tools to help me: an Erin Condren Life Planner, the Whole Enchilada organizing system from Catholic […]

What is the Loneliest Bayou in the World? BA-YOU SELF!

OK…so that is a long-running Cajun joke, probably only told in these parts of the world! But with so much happening in the world right now, I do begin to wonder if being lonely, being misunderstood, being ridiculed, being treated without dignity first…I think that must be the worst place to be in this world […]

Under the Beating Heart: A Marian Reflection

I am constantly listening for catch phrases and pop culture connections for these blog posts. This morning on the way to work, I was listening to Christopher West on the CD set, “Woman God’s Masterpiece: Understanding and Living the Feminine Genius.” He spoke about Our Lady and how the Lord was under her beating heart, […]

Trust and Humility at Work: Mission Possible!

So many of the saints of the Church have given amazing examples of lives filled with TRUST in God’s word and providential care; and a life of HUMILITY, living in obedience and submission to God’s Holy Will. Though difficult at times, this type of living leads one on a journey filled with God’s graces. Two […]

Rooted in Love: Donna-Marie and My Grandmother

OK, so I promised a review of the book by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle:  Rooted in Love:  Our Calling As Catholic Women…and it is so appropriate that I will post this on the date of my grandmother’s birth.  My grandmother, Edna Mary (I am named after her…Mary – good call, Mom), was a woman of faith […]


As women who work, we reflect on our leadership in the workforce.  In the work world, we are taught that the leadership equation includes winning, managing, competition, with “me” at the center of it all: my next promotion; my next acquisition; my next big step.    Send article as PDF   

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